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Animal Control
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TDD (772) 871-5296
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Animal Control

Watch this behind-the-scenes look at a typical day for an Animal Control Officer
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The Animal Control Division plays a very important role in enforcing the City of Port St Lucie’s ordinances concerning the welfare and protection of all domestic animals and wildlife within the City.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Animal Control Division is to protect the health and safety of the public from loose, vicious, sick and injured animals. We enforce all city and state laws that apply to animals and animal owners. The Division pledges to safeguard the animals in the City from neglect and cruelty. We strive to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and provide programs to decrease the number of unwanted pets in the community.

Animal Control services

  • Enforcement of city and state laws dealing with domestic animals
  • Investigation of dog attacks on humans and domestic animals
  • Emergency response to sick or seriously injured animals, vicious animals, reports of animal cruelty and possibly rabid animals
  • Removal of stray dogs from residences, streets and public areas
  • Reuniting lost animals with their owners
  • Dog and cat license enforcement
  • Rabies vaccination enforcement

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