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Port St. Lucie City Council

Mayor Gregory J. Oravec

Greg Oravec

Gregory J. Oravec is a father, husband, small-business owner, native Floridian and former city manager. He grew up fishing Florida waters and building forts in its forests.

Greg graduated cum laude from the Honors Program of the University of Miami, where he studied marine and political sciences. Before graduating, he began a career in local government which has spanned the last eighteen years. In appointments as a city planner, redevelopment director, assistant city manager and city manager, he learned the ins and outs of government. "I feel very fortunate to have been able to lead and manage projects of all shapes and sizes over my career, from serving as CEO of a municipal corporation with 1,000 employees and a budget of $500 million to being the guy responsible for keeping the bathrooms clean at Oktoberfest."

Greg's run for Mayor originated from his beliefs in service and the City of Port St. Lucie, as reflected in his own words upon taking office in November 2014: "I am honored to go to work every day for you, our citizens, because I'm inspired by what we could become and believe that if we have the right leadership and values, if we utilize strategic planning and good decision-making, if we work together and are accountable, we can make Port St. Lucie a great place to live, learn, work and play—a city for all ages and all people". As Mayor, Greg would like to unite the community and city organization in realizing this vision and making the city organization the embodiment of excellence, integrity and service. More specifically, he would like to partner with you, his fellow Councilmembers, city staff and citizens to:

• Lower taxes, reduce debt and be an award-winning, safe, clean and beautiful city
• Transform the challenges of City Center and Digital Domain into new jobs
• Partner with our neighbors and sister governments to create jobs; improve our schools; build sidewalks; promote a university and Mets Stadium; preserve our agricultural and natural areas; and save our River

Greg is proud to be the husband of Tonia; father of Alexander, Christian and Kaitlyn; and stepfather of Aric. Some of the ways in which he likes to give back to his community include participating in the Port St. Lucie Sunset Rotary Club, the Downtown Lions Club, the Elks and the Adopt-A-Street Program. In his down time, he likes to read, fish, surf and grow vegetables.

Vice Mayor Linda Bartz

Linda BartzLinda Bartz is serving her second term as Councilwoman, District 1. Linda is a business woman who knows how to balance a budget and manage money.

Linda is active in the community serving with the Port St. Lucie Rotary, Council on Aging, Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers, the Exchange Club, Hospice Ethics Committee, Concerned Citizens, Big Heart Brigade, and the recently formed St. Lucie County Sustainability Ad Hoc Committee.

Whether it’s helping to address important issues in the community such as traffic and roads to ensure that emergency vehicles can get to and from hospitals and accident scenes quickly, working with the Superintendent and members of the St. Lucie County School District to raise educational standards or helping to bring down the high cost of taxes, insurance and living on the Treasure Coast, Linda is dedicated and committed to keeping Port St. Lucie moving into the future.

Originally from New Jersey, Linda and her husband Gary have been residents of Port St. Lucie for 20 years. They have three grown daughters and are the proud grandparents of three grandchildren. In her spare time, Linda relaxes by reading a good mystery.

Council member Michelle Lee Berger

Michelle Berger

Michelle Lee Berger is serving her third term on the Port St. Lucie City Council. Her fresh ideas and positive message about the city and its future reflect the spirit of Port St. Lucie’s people and are the reason she was supported by a wide margin of voters in three elections (66 percent in 2008, 60 percent in 2004 and 61 percent in 2012).

Although she represents Port St. Lucie’s District 2, Michelle never lost a precinct in any general election because she knows that people everywhere in the city want a government that is forward-looking, accessible and in touch with its citizens.

With a master’s degree in public administration and extensive experience in retail management and local government, Michelle understands the important role businesses play in the city’s economy and lifestyle. She also has a bachelor’s degree in business management, and with more than 25 years of managerial and small business owner experience, she is an advocate for fiscal responsibility.

Now, as a Regional Vice President for a leading national optical firm, Michelle travels the country closely observing the successes of other cities and looking for innovative ways to bring new ideas to Port St. Lucie.

She is a visionary leader for sustainable water management and supports policies that preserve the environment while ensuring high-quality infrastructure for a growing community. As a member of the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization, Michelle helped bring $500 million in important projects for St. Lucie County.

She also crafted the city’s Art in Public Places ordinance and works to strengthen public safety and family programs that help keep the city’s crime rate low.

Michelle has been married 21 years and has two teenage sons. Her favorite activity is spending time with her family (and her three dogs), and their boating and camping experiences have allowed them to enjoy the best of what the magnificent state of Florida has to offer.

Perhaps her greatest strengths, however, are her contagious energy and her ability to build consensus for the programs and policies she believes are needed to continue Port St. Lucie’s economic, social and environmental progress.

Michelle invites you to watch her show “Port St. Lucie Bound” on YouTube, where she shows off some of the natural wonders of the St. Lucie County area.

Council member Shannon M. Martin

Shannon Martin

Port St. Lucie City Councilwoman Shannon Martin has served as the District 3 representative since 2010. Since being elected to the position she has been working on various important boards and committees to make sure that the future of Port St. Lucie remains promising for residents and businesses.

As Chair of the St. Lucie County Fire District’s seven-member board of directors, Shannon works to ensure that top-quality public safety services are provided by the district’s 370 firefighters and 52 general employees.

Shannon also serves on the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), where she works with other St. Lucie County elected leaders to ensure that future road connectivity and public transportation services will be adequate to serve the growing population.

As an alternate on the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, Shannon also is aware of the importance of Port St. Lucie’s influence on regional issues relating to growth management.

When residents in her district were concerned about inadequate access for emergency vehicles in their neighborhood, Shannon spearheaded a project to connect S.W. Fairgreen Drive to the Crosstown Parkway, greatly increasing access for emergency vehicles and hundreds of residents.

She also helped residents on Alpha Street get their street closed, so it would not become a busy passage for traffic heading to the newly-widened Becker Road.

Another issue that Shannon supported to help residents in her district is the city’s new abandoned property-registration ordinance. This ordinance is an important tool to make sure that properties in residential areas do not become an eyesore to neighbors, driving down property values.

Shannon is a strong supporter of the police department’s efforts to keep the city’s crime rate low, and she understands the importance of providing recreational opportunities for young people to help keep them out of trouble.

For this reason, she continues her efforts to bring a modern, top-quality skateboard park to Port St. Lucie, and is also looking at establishing alternate recreational facilities, such as a BMX bicycling facility. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County.

To help local businesses, Shannon initiated a program on PSL-TV20 which showcases the city’s business climate and introduces residents to local businesses.

Shannon says she is honored to serve as a Port St. Lucie City Council member, and she has loved Port St. Lucie since moving here in 2006 with her family.

Shannon is a paralegal by profession, and her husband Aaron is a city police officer.

She encourages residents to sign up for her free e-newsletter and to feel free to contact her with any issues or concerns by calling (772) 871-5159. She also can be reached by email at

Councilman Ron Bowen

Ron Bowen

Councilman Ron Bowen was elected to the Port St. Lucie City Council in November 2012. This is the second time serving for Ron as he previously served three terms on the City Council starting in 1992. In that time Ron worked with six fellow Council members and two Mayors laying the foundation for the future of Port St. Lucie.

Together, they brought central water and sewer service to the city. They bought key properties for what is now the Crosstown Parkway. They gave the Police Department the resources to grow and become an accredited agency. The result: Port St. Lucie over the last twenty years has achieved the admirable status as safest city in Florida for its size.

“We fought hard to prevent adult entertainment establishments from opening in our city,” says Ron. “We worked on economic development attracting major employers to Port St. Lucie such as QVC, Liberty Medical Supply and Aegis Communications Group.”

Individually, Ron served as a board member of the St. Lucie County Fire District for six years. The district is a taxing agency responsible for countywide fire and emergency medical services. The board sets policy and budget. Under Ron’s leadership as board chairman, the district built and equipped two fire stations without an increase in taxes. One of those stations is in St. Lucie West.

That was then. Since returning in November 2012 Ron has learned the major issues facing the City and has been actively involved in shaping PSL’s future. Those issues include the completion of the Crosstown Parkway, the future of City Center, the sale of Digital Domain, the need to bring good paying jobs and major employers to the city while helping the small businessman or woman grow their business. Ron believes that quality-of-life issues are the reason most people moved to Port St. Lucie.

Ron currently is a board member of the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization. The board deals with county and regional transportation issues while setting priorities for future growth and needs. As a private citizen, Ron is an advisory board member for the Salvation Army of St. Lucie County.

During his first year in office Ron was able to conceive and complete two community outreach projects. The first is the PATCHES Summer Sunshine Toy Drive. This drive benefited children with extreme medical conditions who receive daytime pediatric nursing care. City employees donated over 200 toys while the private sector donated $1,800 in cash contributions. The 2nd annual toy drive will take place in mid-summer.

The second outreach project was the inaugural Hometown Lunchfest. Lunchfest was an event that Ron started to bring the city employees and the community together for a fun day at City Hall. Ron appreciates all of the hard work city employees do every day, and the many contributions of the City’s Community. The 2nd annual LUNCHFEST will take place in late fall.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Ron moved to Port St. Lucie in 1977. He has been married to his wife Pat since 1972 and has two adult sons, Eric and Gavin, and two grandsons, Ayden and Camden. Ron has been in the insurance profession since 1970 and is President of R.E. Bowen & Associates Inc., an independent insurance agency. He is a member of the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce. Ron received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1976 from Myers University. In 1974, Ron received his honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps. Ron is a member of First Baptist Church of Port St. Lucie.

As District 4 Councilman, Ron believes the best is yet to come for the city, and that preparing now for new growth will ensure the success of the city in the future.


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