Becker Road Conversion Area

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This is a City initiated project to change the future land use of 783 lots from RL (Low Density Residential) to CL (Limited Commercial), ROI (Residential, Office & Institutional), RM (Medium Density Residential), MU (Mixed Use), or OSR (Open Space Recreational) for a project known as the Becker Road Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment. 

The purpose of this comprehensive plan amendment is to implement the recommendations of the Becker Road Overplay District (which was part of the Neighborhood Action Plan for Planning Area 4S).  To help promote business and economic development opportunities in the Becker Road corridor; remove existing single family residential areas that are located directly on Becker Road and to allow for such changes while protecting residential areas located to the north and south of Becker Road. 

Please see attached map for proposed changes.