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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Welcome to Port St Lucie GIS Site. This site provides access to city gis data through the use of interactive maps, static maps and property searches. We appreciate questions, comments, and any other feedback that will help us serve you better. For any questions or problems concerning the content or performance of this site, please contact us.

Port St. Lucie ArcGIS Online

The ArcGIS Online portal for the City allows users, with an ArcGIS Online account, to view, query, map, analyze and print using City GIS data.


Port St. Lucie Open Data Portal

The City’s Open Data Portal allows users to download GIS data in various formats.

Property Information Search
This data search allows users to search for property in the city using addresses, parcel ids and other property data. The search result allows users to see the tabular data, to open a map for the property and to see the St. Lucie County Property Appraisers property card.

Interactive Mapping Applications

These interactive map viewers can be used to see a wide variety of information ranging from garbage pickup to planning projects. The GIS Interactive Map Viewers offer tools for viewing and querying spatial and attribute data.

General Applications

Main GIS Map Viewer

This app shows general information about the city including parcels, land use and zoning, shopping, schools and parks.

City Demographics

The demographics app shows various stats taken from the latest Census updates and American Community Survey data.

Council District Finder

This application is designed to allow users to identify in which council district they live.

School Information

This application is designed to show the public and private schools in the city.

City Mapping Tool

The City Mapping Tool is an application used by city staff to create maps for different types of official documents like council agenda items. Users can draw on the map, select parcels and create a PDF printout to share.

Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation app shows the location of the parks and the amenities available.



Building Permit Locations

The permit location application is used to see the location and status of the building permits issued by the Panda System. Users can see the location, type, and status of permits.

Fence & Sheds

This application is used by builders and contractors to produce a diagram showing where a fence will be built and is required to obtain a permit.


Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning

The project map viewer for the Planning and Zoning Department shows the current status of approved project status as they progress from approved to completed. It allows citizens to see the applications made to the Planning and Zoning Department and their status along the way as they are approved.


Public Works

Public Works Projects

The Driveway Diagram pdf required by the city to modify a driveway is produced using this application.

Street Closures

The Driveway Diagram pdf required by the city to modify a driveway is produced using this application.

Driveway Map

The Driveway Diagram pdf required by the city to modify a driveway is produced using this application.

Refuse Schedules

Citizens living in the city limits can use this app to see what when trash and recycling is collected.

Vacant Lot

The Vacant Property Viewer is an app designed to assist both staff and citizens in dealing with overgrown vegetation on vacant lots.

Flood Zones

This application is designed to assist both staff and citizens to determine the location of property in the city as related to flood zones determined by FIRM maps.

Elevation Benchmarks

The Public Works Elevation Benchmark Map lets surveyors and others see where the registered elevation benchmarks are within the city. It also shows the LIDAR elevation for the whole city.

Pavement Condition Index Map

This Public Works map shows the pavement condition of the streets expressed as an index from 0 to 100.


The Sidewalk Application shows the current sidewalks and planned projects.


This application shows the locations of drainage culverts throughout the city.

Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful
Distance Map

This application is designed to allow staff and residents to measure distances and create maps for adopting a street and cleaning rubbish.


Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services Planning Area Projects

The Planning Area Project is an initiative by the Neighborhood Services Division to bring an identity to different regions in the city by creating neighborhoods.

Community Residential Homes

Organizations that would like to start a Community Residential Home in the city will use this application to determine if their proposed location is in conflict with an existing facility.

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