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Neighborhood Services
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Neighborhood Planning Division

Welcome to the Neighborhood Planning Division of the Neighborhood Services Department

Departmental functions

The Neighborhood Planning Division implements creative solutions to improve the quality of life for all City residents, businesses, and visitors. It not only administers the city’s new neighborhood revitalization efforts, but it also manages federal and state funds that address the city’s housing and community development needs, and offers social service referrals.


The Neighborhood Planning Division focuses services on individual housing units, on neighborhoods and on the individuals who live there.  The Division interacts directly with homeowners, neighbors and those who are seeking information about housing and social services in the area.  There are two basic programs administered within the division, each with differing responsibilities. 

The Neighborhood Planning Program organizes neighborhoods, seeks citizen input, and proposes use of available funds for improvement of those neighborhoods.

The Housing and Social Services Programs are designed to help individual home buyers, homeowners and citizens as they seek to improve their housing or request social service referrals.

Click below for more information on the programs:

Neighborhood Planning Program

Housing and Social Services Programs

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