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Be Wise on Fraud

Post Date:12/14/2017 10:40 AM

The Port St. Lucie Police Department wants YOU to become WISE ON FRAUD

Question: What do the following scenarios all have in common?

  • I am in a relationship with someone I met on the Internet, but never met in person, and I have been allowing him/her to use my bank account to receive
    cash deposits and to then send him/her wire transfers overseas. I applied for a work‐at‐home job I saw on Craigslist and was hired to receive and then re‐ship merchandise in other people’s names, using the shipping labels provided to me by my employer.
  • I applied for a job on Craigslist and was hired to open a bank account and deposit checks I receive in the mail, keep 10% of the money as my pay, and
    then wire transfer the remaining funds overseas.
  • I was selling a sofa on Craigslist and the person who wants to buy it sent me a check by UPS/FedEx, written out to me but for at least $1,000.00 more
    than I asked for, and now the buyer wants me to deposit the check and then withdraw the extra cash and deposit it into another bank account for him.
  • I received a phone call notifying me that I (or my spouse) had won the LOTTERY and that I will be receiving a check the next day, sent overnight by UPS/FedEx courier, to deposit into my bank account for the specific use of paying the taxes and shipping costs of my winnings BEFORE the prize gifts/large cash payout will be delivered to me.
  • I received a call from the IRS stating that I owed back taxes and could go to jail if I don’t immediately send them the money by purchasing iTunes gift cards and reading to them the scratch‐off code on the back of the cards.
  • I received a call from the power company informing me that my power will be shut off in 20 minutes unless I immediately send them the money by purchasing gift cards at Wal‐Mart/Walgreens and reading to them the scratch‐off code on the back of the cards.
  • I received a call informing me that I (or my spouse) had won Publisher’s Clearinghouse, and that I needed to immediately go to Wal‐Mart and purchase specific gift cards to be used to pay for the taxes on my large cash prize BEFORE the prize check will be delivered to me.
Answer: THEY ARE ALL SCAMS! These fraud scenarios, and many variations just like them, are designed to trick you into sending criminals money and merchandise obtained by fraud. Don’t become a victim.
  • No business or government agency will ever demand payment by means of a gift card.
  • No legitimate prize company will ever require you to pay for shipping and taxes up front.
  • Anytime you receive a check by UPS/FedEx courier from someone you have never met in person, consider it to be a counterfeit check and worthless. If you do deposit it into your bank account, be sure to wait AT LEAST 7 DAYS before using any of the check money. That is how long it can take for your bank to verify if the check is a counterfeit. If you spend/send the check money too soon, YOU will be responsible for paying the money back to your bank!
  • Never allow your bank account to be used to receive cash deposits from people you do not personally know, and never, ever, send those cash deposited funds overseas by wire transfer.
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