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UPDATE ADDED CHARGE.. Port St. Lucie Police investigate and arrest a 17 year old juvenile for possession of a Firearm and Electronic Device while on School Property

Post Date:04/13/2018

During the course of the continuing investigation in to the possession of firearm on school property, Detectives discovered that the handgun found in this case was stolen.  Detectives are additionally charging Tavaress Smith with Grand Theft of a Firearm.


With the arrest of Tavaress Smith for possession of firearm on campus, Port St. Lucie Police Detectives are currently following up on all aspects of the incident.  At this time we do not have any reason to believe that Smith was working in concert with other individuals and we have not uncovered that there was or is a plan to cause further crimes at the school.  Port St. Lucie has increased police presence at Port St. Lucie High school today, April 13, 2018, as a public service and not due to any facts that would indicate that there is a plan for violence at the school.  After the investigation is complete the Port St. Lucie Police Department will release the findings of this case.

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