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Port St. Lucie Police Department urges everyone to report crime when you see them, instead of posting them on social media.

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The PSL PD is taking the necessary precautions to protect first responders and ensure continued emergency response services as this situation evolves.  As this develops, don’t be surprised to see police officers and other City employees wearing personal protective equipment.  If you are in need of services at your residence and call the City or 911, please advise us if someone in your household is sick or not feeling well so that the responding personnel can take the appropriate protective measures. PSL PD has suspended all fingerprinting to the public until further notice.

Temporary closing of Unwanted Prescriptions/Medications Drop Box:

The Port St. Lucie Police Department has a drop box for medications that citizens can utilize to dispose of unwanted prescriptions/medications. Due to the temporary suspension of in-person services to the public within the department’s lobby, please know that the Port St. Lucie Police Department is postponing the program until further notice.

Animal Control:

Please do not trap stray cats or pick up kittens without having a plan and an appointment with a shelter or rescue. Some vets have reduced their hours and getting appointments for spay/neuters may become more difficult. Anyone who finds cats or kittens should leave them alone unless they are injured or in serious danger. Many shelters and rescues are closed to the general public and are doing intake and adoptions by appointment only.

Police News Stories

25-year-old succumbs to injuries after fiery crash in Port St Lucie

Post Date:05/07/2018

On  May 6, 2018 at 4:33 p.m., Port St. Lucie Police along with St. Lucie County Fire/Rescue went to the intersection of S.W. Port St. Lucie Boulevard and S.W. Cameo Boulevard to investigate a crash between two cars. 


Vehicle #1: 2010 white Mazda 4 door

Driver - 25-year-old Jose Antonio Cuevas (Stuart, Florida) (Deceased)


Vehicle #2: 2014 white Kia Forte

Driver - 70-year-old Brett Collins (Port St. Lucie) (Critical Condition)

Front Passenger - 74-year-old Sheila Collins (Port St. Lucie) (Critical Condition)


Preliminary investigation revealed that the traffic lights for east and west traffic on S.W. Port St. Lucie Boulevard were green.  Vehicle #2 was traveling west on S.W. Port St. Lucie Boulevard making a left turn to travel south on S.W. Cameo Boulevard.  At the same time Vehicle #1 was traveling east on S.W. Port St. Lucie Boulevard toward S.W. Cameo Boulevard.  As Vehicle #1 entered the intersection its front bumper collided with Vehicle #2's right side. 

Both Vehicles spun out of control causing Vehicle #1 to collide with a light pole and electrical box on the southeast corner of the intersection.  Vehicle #1 burst into flames from the impact.  The driver, Cuevas, was pulled from the burning car by a witness.

All three occupants of the vehicles were transported to Lawnwood Medical Center by St. Lucie County Fire/Rescue.  Cuevas was pronounced dead at the hospital at 7:26 p.m..  Brett Collins and Sheila Collins are currently in critical condition as they receive treatment at the hospital. 

Port St. Lucie Police Traffic Homicide Investigators are continuing the investigation of this fatal crash.

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