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Participate in PSL's Citizen Survey

Post Date:01/30/2019 1:45 PM

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – To better serve residents and to learn more about the needs and desires of our citizens, the City of Port St. Lucie has partnered for the second year in a row with the National Research Center (NRC) to conduct a Citizen Survey.

This Citizen Survey is an integral part of the City’s strategic planning process, and it is an important tool that the City Council will use this year while updating Port St. Lucie’s strategic plan. The NRC this week completed mailing surveys to a statistically-valid sample of residents. The City urges all residents who receive the survey to please take the time to fill it out and return it. For those who do not receive a mail-in survey, the NRC will make an online option available to all residents at from February 19 to March 5.

“Created, administered and analyzed by the National Research Center, Inc., our Citizen Survey is part of the National Citizen Survey (NCS) and fairly described as the gold standard in community assessments. The Citizen Survey allows us to get the community’s opinion on specifics, track our performance over time and meaningfully compare ourselves to other communities,” said Port St. Lucie Mayor Gregory J. Oravec. “If you are one of the lucky households chosen to participate in the scientifically-valid random sample, we hope that you will take the time to complete the written survey and mail it in. If you aren’t selected this year, don’t fret.  Though it’s not scientifically-valid, we also run the same survey on the City’s website.  Keep your eyes peeled for the link in February.”

The survey centers on community livability and includes questions about the quality of life in the community, demographics, rating of local government services, and residents’ use of services. The NRC’s highly skilled team of social science researchers, with extensive experience and insight into local government, will provide the City with comparative data from other local governments across the country. Data from the survey will assist the Mayor, City Council and staff to make operational, strategic, and policy decisions.

Operating a high-performing government organization is a key strategic goal of the Mayor and City Council, and this survey is an important way the City is working toward that goal. The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) has identified conducting surveys for data-driven decisions as a leading practice for local governments to pursue in evaluating their performance, enhancing their communications with the community and helping with decision making.

This survey will be conducted in tandem with the City’s 2019 #IamPSL Citizen Summit, which is another key way the City gathers feedback from residents about building the strategic plan, which is our roadmap to the future. This year’s Citizen Summit will be Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Port St. Lucie Community Center. More information will be available about this exciting event in the coming weeks on the City’s website.

Learn more about PSL's 2018 Citizen Survey results.

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