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New Open House Map now available

Post Date:03/13/2019 3:51 PM

PORT ST. LUCIE –  City residents who are selling their homes now have the option to list an upcoming open house event on the City of Port St. Lucie’s website.

The new Open House Map is similar to the very popular Garage Sale Map, which makes it easy for citizens to list and find garage sales happening in Port St. Lucie. Those with homes on the market in Port St. Lucie are encouraged to utilize the Open House Map for free, which potential homebuyers can use to track upcoming open houses. The postings will appear on the map up to two weeks prior to an open house and be deleted one day after the open house.

City staff created the open house map because of changes adopted last year to the City’s temporary sign code. In response to the United States Supreme Court decision, Reed v. Town of Gilbert, the City amended its temporary sign code regulations on Sept 10, 2018 to provide uniform sign criteria, which regulate the size, height and placement of temporary signs within the City. Temporary signs that do not follow these rules will be removed. Typical temporary signs include garage sales, open houses, sports teams sign-ups and promotional signs.

Temporary signs are allowed on private property with the permission of the property owner. The garage sale and open house maps give citizens another outlet to get the word out about these events. Temporary signs are not allowed in swales, road right of way and on public property. They also cannot be attached to poles or street signs.

To learn more about the rules regarding temporary signs, please visit

Do and Don't on temporary signs How to place temporary signs




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