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New Project Tracker tool makes finding information about City projects quick and easy

Post Date:04/29/2019 2:06 PM

PORT ST. LUCIE – Residents now have an easy, new way to stay informed about projects happening in the City of Port St. Lucie – everything from road improvements to new development – through the new Project Tracker tool.  

The PSL Project Tracker can be accessed via:

Adding a new level of transparency for the City organization, this tool was created by City staff to provide easily accessible information to the public, Mayor and City Council, City Manager and staff on capital projects. It will facilitate stronger strategic planning, communications and collaboration. This tool gives all citizens the opportunity to explore neighborhoods, examine projects in progress and see their tax dollars at work.

This dynamic tool includes several ways for a user to explore City projects, including: searching for “projects by me;” using a project list tool of all projects; and a project report tool that includes maps, project information and a comment history table that can be downloaded into a PDF file.

The Project Tracker includes projects managed by several City departments, including: Utility Systems, Public Works, Neighborhood Services, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning and Building. It also includes development happening in the Southern Grove Jobs Corridor in Tradition.

 Staff first introduced the tool at the February 23 Citizen Summit and has since incorporated feedback received from residents during that event.

The benefits include providing:

  • A brief description, timelines, locations and expenditures for each project.
  • Information on existing and future projects, allowing for a systematic evaluation of all potential projects at the same time.
  • The opportunity to foster cooperation among businesses, organizations, and other stakeholders and the ability to communicate the city’s priorities.
  • Streamlined project management and reporting system, which will replace the current less efficient system and will be the main tool for all stakeholders to receive updates.
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