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Start A Business

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3 Steps To Starting A Business

business-brochure-step1w150Step 1

Call Business Tax Division

Thinking of starting a business?

Contact the Business Tax Office at (772) 344-4356.

Step 2

Submit forms to Planning & Zoning


There are permitted uses for each of the city’s zoning districts. The P&Z Department answers zoning questions and reviews for zoning compliance. The use and occupancy of buildings change as owners and tenants move. There are basic components required in all buildings, some of which vary depending on the use and occupancy proposed.

Learn more about the Planning & Zoning Department

Step 3


Apply, pay & obtain

Before opening your doors, you will need to obtain a City of Port St. Lucie Business Tax Receipt (BTR), formerly known as an occupational license. The Business Tax Receipt is proof of payment of the business tax and is required before a business opens.

Learn more about the City's Business Tax Division