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City Attorney's Office

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The City Attorney’s Office provides legal advice and counsel to the Mayor and members of the City Council, the City Manager, the City Clerk, and all appointed boards and committees, department directors and other City employees, on matters involving the affairs and business of the City of Port St. Lucie. The attorneys employed by the City are recognized for their superior knowledge in the area of local government law, as well as having expertise in many practice areas including civil rights, tort & business litigation, procurement & contracting, zoning & land use, labor & employment, public records, sunshine law and ethics. The personnel of the City Attorney’s Office take a leadership role in promoting honesty and integrity in the City and assume a prominent role in the legal representation of high profile issues that have a significant impact on public policy and quality of life in the community.

Attorneys employed by the City cannot provide legal advice to residents, business owners, or other citizens, as they are restricted to providing advice and counsel only to the City as a municipal corporation and public entity. Individuals needing assistance with private legal affairs are encouraged to consult a private attorney, or seek assistance from one of the following:

Quasi-Judicial Proceedings

Quasi-Judicial Proceedings are proceedings where existing policies and regulations are applied to a specific property.