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Election Information

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gavelElection packets can be picked up from the City Clerk. Please call the City Clerk at 772-871-5157 to schedule an appointment to pick up a packet.

Congratulations on taking an active role in the electoral process.  If you are running for office or assisting in a campaign, the single best thing that you can do for your campaign is to be knowledgeable about Florida’s election laws; therefore, you are encouraged to take the time to read all of the material provided.

The City Clerk serves as the qualifying officer for candidates for the offices of Mayor and City Council.  Qualification documents are filed with the City Clerk.  All Campaign Treasurer Reports are filed electronically with the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections.

The information provided here is intended to familiarize candidates and campaign treasurers with their duties and responsibilities under Florida’s election laws.

Emergency Rules

Please see the following emergency rules provided by the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections.

Emergency Rule 1SER20-1: Designation of Division of Elections as Filing Office for Department of State; Requirements for Candidate Qualifying Papers; Withdrawal of Candidacy.

  • Removes the requirement that the qualifying items be “original[s] and signatures thereon…be made in ink” so that these items can be collected, notarized, and submitted with limited person-to-person contact.  Provides for qualifying documents to be submitted via email. Notary statements on required forms will be revised accordingly.    

Emergency Rule 1SER20-2: Candidate Petition Process

  • Removes the requirement that the voter’s signature on a candidate petition be an “original, ink signature” so that signed petitions can be collected without person-to-person contact. 

Frequently asked questions

When is the election in 2020?

The Primary Election will be held on August 18, 2020, and the General Election will be held on November 3, 2020.

Which positions on the City Council will be up for election in 2020?

Seats are four-year terms. The terms expiring in November 2020 are as follows:

  • District 2 Council Seat
  • District 4 Council Seat

What are the qualifications to run for City Council?

Per City Code Section 33.02, Qualified electors choosing to become "Candidates for Council member for district representation shall, as a condition for being placed upon the ballot for that office, be required to have continuously resided within the District for which election is sought for a period of one year immediately prior to the deadline for qualifying.

When Is the deadline for qualifying?

This information will be made available once released by the State of Florida Division of Elections. The Qualifying Period for the 2020 Election begins at Noon on Monday, June 8, 2020 and end at Noon on Friday, June 12, 2020.

Does It matter which political party I belong to?

No. Per the City Charter, Section 5.01, All qualifications and elections for the office of City Council or Mayor shall be conducted on a nonpartisan basis without regard for or designation of political party affiliation of any nominee on any nomination petition or ballot.

What documents do I have to present to prove residency?

At the time of qualifying, all candidates must present a utility bill, a copy of a lease, an electric bill, or any other document whereby residency can be verified. Candidates must also present a valid Florida Driver's License or other State issued picture ID, and their St. Lucie County Voter Registration card.

Is there a fee for qualifying?

Per Florida State Statutes, Section 99.093, each person seeking to qualify for nomination or election to a municipal office shall pay an election assessment equal to 1.0 percent of the annual salary of the office sought, for the purpose of providing funding for the Election Commission Trust Fund, plus a $25 local election fee.

Do I need an appointment to file my paperwork as a candidate?

An appointment is recommended. We respectfully request that all prospective candidates call the City Clerk's office in advance to set up an appointment time for qualifying as a candidate. It is necessary that this office has sufficient time to adequately review the paperwork involved. Having an appointment will help avoid confusion and is the most efficient use of everyone's time.

When can I start collecting and spending campaign funds?

Florida Statute 106.021 requires you to file Form DS-DE 9, Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository, with the City Clerk before a campaign bank account is opened, any campaign contributions are received, or any campaign expenditures are made. Personal checks, cash or a cashier's check may not be used to file for a candidacy. The Filing Officer will accept only a check drawn on the campaign account.

Where can I get the paperwork in order to file as a candidate?

The City Clerk's office has assembled a packet consisting of the necessary forms in order to file as a candidate. You may obtain the forms provided by the State of Florida by clicking on the links above; however, there are additional forms produced by the City that also need to be completed. Please call the City Clerk's office at 772-871-5157 to make an appointment to obtain a packet as it's necessary that we review the material with you, and you sign that you received it.

While we attempt to provide accurate Information, you are legally responsible to ensure that your actions comply with all State of Florida applicable election laws and regulations. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with applicable election laws and requirements and If, at any time, you feel this office can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to call us at (772) 871-5157.