Pre-Approved Vendors

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Notice to Vendors & Caterers

The Port St. Lucie Civic Center encourages event vendors and caterers to work with clients that have planned an event at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center. Civic Center staff looks forward to meeting with vendors and caterers working with clients that have not selected a venue. Facilitating business in Port St. Lucie is an important part of the City's Stategic Plan.

There is no fee to become a Pre-Approved Vendor. Staff will assist vendors through the application process. The Pre-Approved Vendor List is offered to all clients for their rental event.

Pre-Approved (Event Production) Vendors

The Civic Center wants to make event planning easy for all clients. Having a list of professionals, ready, willing and able to provide for event needs is important to our clients. Consequently, maintaining a Pre-Approved Vendor List is a service the City provides through the Procurement Management Department.

Pre-Approved Vendors are business professionals who have already met the requirements to do business at the Civic Center. This includes submitting an application to be a Pre-Approved Vendor and supplying proof of required licenses and insurance updated annually as they expire. By law, the City cannot recommend any vendor or the value of their services, but may ascertain that they are legally and sufficiently licensed and insured. Should the vendor fail to renew their required licenses and insurance, they will be removed from the list. Should the vendor neglect to follow Civic Center facility guidelines, they would be removed from the list.

Vendors who have applied and believe they should be on the list:

Vendors, please complete the application; send it, copies of your license(s) and your certificate of insurance, following the sample certificate of insurance above, to Civic Center Staff by email.

Pre-Approved Caterers

You may select to use the Civic Center’s Food and Beverage catering company or you may bring your own licensed, insured caterer to provide food and non-alcoholic beverage service at your event. Due to licensing regulations, all alcoholic beverage service must be provided by the Civic Center.