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Main Number: (772) 344-4390

Police PensionPolice Pension DivisionFinance, Police Pension(772) 344-4070
Neckles, KimAccounting Clerk - Lien SpecialistFinance, Lien Services(772) 344-4179
Zabala, JohnAccounting Clerk - Lien SpecialistFinance, Lien Services(772) 344-4219
Rosa, Loretta Accounting ClerkFinance(772) 344-4230
Gomez, ChrystalBusiness Tax SpecialistBusiness Tax Division, Finance(772) 344-4238
Grayson, Yvonne WhiteBusiness Tax SupervisorBusiness Tax Division, Finance(772) 344-4356
Business Tax OfficeBusiness Tax OfficeBusiness Tax Division, Finance(772) 344-4356
Green, DanielleAccounting ClerkFinance(772) 344-4386
Pharel, GelseauAccounting ClerkFinance(772) 344-4390
FinanceFinance DepartmentFinance(772) 344-4390
O'Reilly, ThomasAssistant Finance Director/City TreasurerFinance(772) 871-5008
Murphy, DennisFinancial SpecialistFinance(772) 871-5069
Nolasco-Lopez, EricaAccounting ClerkFinance(772) 871-5152
Figueroa, RebeccaLien Services LeaderFinance, Lien Services(772) 871-5189
Shinn, DeborahAssistant to City TreasurerFinance(772) 871-5190
Henry, FayCity TreasurerFinance(772) 871-5191
Helmke, ReneeSpecial Assessment AccountantFinance(772) 871-5193
Varela, CarlosCapital Assets AccountantFinance(772) 871-5194
Campbell, JaimeeLien Division ManagerFinance, Lien Services(772) 871-5195
Lake, RobinAccounts Payable Supervisor Finance(772) 871-5196