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Financial Management Department

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In a spirit of excellence, integrity, and dedication, the Financial Management Department is committed to providing timely, concise, accurate, clear, and complete information and support to other City departments, citizens, vendors and the community at large.  Serving as a trusted partner on topics requiring economic, financial, and fiduciary inputs and expertise, the Financial Management Department manages accounting and financial reporting, budget preparation, tax, payroll, debt and investment administration, treasury and internal banking, procurement, grants, and external audit.

Finance Division 

The Finance Division strives to be a resource for the City's financial information and to provide that information in an easily accessible, clear, and fully disclosed manner that allows for confident stewardship of the City's resources. We safeguard the assets of the City and provide timely, accurate financial information to the City Council, City management, City residents and other interested parties.

Office of Management and Budget Division

The Office of Management and Budget provides oversight for the total budget function in the City. The department assists the Management Team and City Council in the budgetary process starting with the development of the annual budget and the adoption under the state TRIM requirements. Monthly monitoring of financial data and staffing levels is reported on and used to update long-rage models. Additional financial modeling and planning is conducted to assist with union negotiations and benchmarking studies.

Treasury Division

The Treasury Division manages the financial affairs of the City through its corporate strategies.  Such strategies include the administration and investment of available operating funds to meet or exceed benchmark rates of return on the City’s investment portfolios while maintaining safety of principal.  The Division is also responsible for the City’s Debt Management program.