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Parks & Recreation FAQs

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COVID-19 Related Parks & Recreation FAQs

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  • Will 2020 Summer Camp be offered by the City of Port St. Lucie?

  • May I still register for 2020 Summer Camp?

  • May I register for 2020 Summer Camp but have the option to cancel later if I need to?

  • What happens if I cancel my 2020 Summer Camp registration or if Summer Camp is cancelled by Parks & Recreation?

  • What is the Parks and Recreation Team doing to prioritize health and safety for my child at 2020 Summer Camp?

  • How can I receive the most up-to-date information about 2020 Summer Camp?

  • Are all playgrounds closed?

  • Are boat ramps open?

  • Are the special events in Leisure Time being held?

  • Can I still go for a walk or hike at parks or greenways or fish?

  • Can I take my dog to a dog park in the city?

  • Do you have information on sport leagues?

  • Does the executive order extend to churches and their employees?

  • How do I sign up for the classes in Leisure Time?

  • I have been collecting caps for the Buddy Bench project, can I drop these off?

  • In what ways is the City providing recreational activities to residents at home?

  • Is the City offering virtual fitness instructions and where can I find them?

  • Is the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center open?

  • What is the status of Parks Facilities?

  • What should we do if we see an organized group of people gathered in a public place, like a park?

  • Where can I get copies of Leisure Time?

Parks & Recreation FAQs

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  • Are there any public fishing docks or parks that allow fishing?

  • Can I bring alcohol into a park?

  • Can I have water featured activities when I reserve a pavilion?

  • Can I participate in your activities and sports programs if I do not live in the City of Port St. Lucie or St. Lucie County?

  • Can I reserve space at a City park or facility?

  • Can I sign up for a fitness membership online?

  • Can I use a metal detector within City parks?

  • Can my neighbor or friend register my child for a program?

  • Do you have a senior center?

  • Does the City have any campgrounds?

  • Does the City have any public docks or boat launches?

  • Does the City have anywhere that I can hold a garage sale?

  • Does the City offer a public pool?

  • Does the City operate a bus service?

  • How can I become a registered mobile food vendor?

  • How do I become a food vendor for City of Port St. Lucie Special Events?

  • If I have a membership at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center fitness center, can I go to the Community Center fitness center?

  • If I see a safety concern, who can I call to report the concern?

  • If I sign for a membership at one of the fitness centers, will someone show me how to use the machines?

  • Is overnight parking permitted in City parks?

  • Is smoking prohibited in parks?

  • Once I am registered as an arts and craft vendor for a City of Port St Lucie Special Event, how do I receive set-up instructions?

  • What are the hours of operation for Neighborhood, Open space, and Community Parks?

  • What do I do if I become injured at a Park?

  • What is the difference between Chair Yoga and SilverSneakers Yoga Stretch?

  • What is your refund policy for program?

  • Where can adults register to play adult softball?

  • Where can I get a free basketball court pass or replace a lost court pass?

  • Where can I go to play baseball with my child during the day and evening hours?

  • Where can I go to play outdoor volleyball for fun?

  • Where can I go to play Tennis or Pickleball during day and night time hours (All lighted tennis courts have a 9:30 p.m. light curfew).

  • Where do I report vandalism or excessive trash in the park?

  • Where do I sign-up and pay for a program/activity?

  • While in a City park and attending a sporting event, i.e., baseball, a foul ball shatters the windshield of my vehicle. Does the City pay for this damage?

  • Why are City sports fields closed during certain times of the year?