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Sponsor/Vendor Information

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year many businesses, companies and organizations contribute their time and money to the Parks & Recreation Department. With their help and sponsorships, we are able to offer more to the residents of Port St. Lucie.

Parks make a community more attractive and recreational activities provide a better way of life. They play an important role in shaping our lives, families and homes. Much of the enjoyment our residents receive depends on the programs offered.

You can help to ensure that only quality programs are offered and serve our residents. Become a sponsor and show your support for the community today.

Vendor Opportunities

What makes a special event? There are many ways to answer to this question, but one of the things that make our events special are our vendors. The Parks &Recreation Department has several events with vendor opportunities. We always have great music, activities and a fun atmosphere that attract visitors, generating more business for you.

All vendors must have a valid Florida Sales Tax number, and are responsible for collecting and remitting any applicable Florida sales tax to the Department of Revenue. Questions regarding this matter can be directed to Joseph Sexton, Florida Dept. of Revenue, 772-429-2173.

For more information

Contact the Parks & Recreation Department if you are interested in sponsorship or vendor opportunities.