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Becker Road Projects

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With input from residents and other community stakeholders, the City of Port St. Lucie is working to define the future of the Becker Road corridor, the section between Interstate 95 and Florida’s Turnpike.

Applications that affect the Becker Road Corridor:

  1. Large-scale comprehensive plan amendment:
    • Council approved the property owner’s recommendation of amending the land-use designations along the corridor as part of the Neighborhood Action Plan.
    • City Council approved adopting the large-scale comprehensive plan on November 13, 2018. After which, the application was transmitted to the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) for the final step according to state statutes.
    • On December 24, 2018, the City received confirmation that the DEO received the adoption package and confirmed its compliance with state statutes. Since there were no challenges to the comprehensive plan, the application is officially approved.
    • Please Note: This comprehensive plan amendment application does not change the existing zoning. This only will affect the future land use designations of the lots identified on the Proposed Becker Road Overlay of Future Land Use map.
  2. Becker Road overlay thumbnailBecker Road Overlay District:
    • The City of Port St. Lucie has been fortunate to receive a $40,000 Community Planning Technical Assistance grant from the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). All of this grant money was used to hire a consultant to create the Becker Road Overlay District for the City. This Overlay District is intended to support and advance the City’s strategic goals of improving aesthetics and function within the Becker Road Corridor.

Staff is working on two additional applications concerning Becker Road. Both these applications are being worked on in-house and are expected to be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Board no later than April 2019. These applications are independent of each other, so they can proceed separately or together.

  1. Becker Road Design Standards Amendment
    • With the help of a grant from DEO, the Becker Road Overlay District Design Standards (Project Number P17-178) was submitted and approved by City Council on May 14, 2018. Due to the time restraints placed on the application by the grant, staff anticipated making changes to this document to create a more comprehensive, user-friendly document. Staff is currently working on these changes. Once the Becker Road Design Standards are approved, a link will be provided to the updated design standards.
  2. Becker Road inclusion into Conversion Manual
    • The City’s intention is to include Becker Road into the conversion manual, however, this was not practicable until a comprehensive plan amendment was approved. The City adopted the land use conversion manual in 1983 to promote the assembly of small single family lots along major thoroughfares. It also promotes the development of multiple family residential housing as well as additional commercial and institutional activities on strategically located sites along major transportation corridors. The conversion manual explains the land use conversion process, available conversion options, and implementation policies. The conversion manual addresses requirements for land assembly, rezoning requirements, and related site plan and design considerations. Once the conversion manual has been adopted, a link will be provided to the updated with the conversion manual.

The City would like to thank residents and property owners who participated in the Becker Road process. The feedback from residents helped create a better plan for the City’s future.

Becker Road Project Documents