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Public Art Master Plan

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bus shelter

Call for Artists: Bus Shelter

Port St. Lucie seeks to select an artist with artwork that is either already fabricated or can be fabricated for the purpose of enhancing the aesthetics of seven existing bus shelters. With the mission, vision and goals of the City’s Strategic Plan as a guide, the artist’s work should engage visitors, create a sense of community, and be appropriate for all ages.

For more information, please see Call to Artist Flyer: Bus Shelter.

The City of Port St. Lucie is developing its Public Art Master Plan, and we need your help shaping it!

What is a public art master plan and what does it do? 

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The PSL Public Art Master Plan will help to solidify the public art program in Port St. Lucie. Through public engagement, the plan will identify the types of locations and mediums of public art residents would like to see. In addition, the Public Art Master Plan will establish policies and procedures for the public art program such as acquisition, donation, and maintenance. 

Why does PSL need a public art plan? 

The Port St. Lucie Public Art Master Plan will help integrate and unite our city together through defining and projecting our signature to the world. Our plan will set the standard for how we begin to implement and enjoy public art while also celebrating our community’s ingenuity and artistic expressions.


public art sculptureThe Port St. Lucie Public Art Program is funded by a Percent for Art in Private Development. This means that 1% of all new construction projects (excluding single family homes) must install a piece of public art as part of their project that is equal to 1% of the total cost of development up to $100,000 or pay an in lieu of fee to the city.

Why public art?

Public art helps our city to solidify our identity, celebrate our past, and establish our sense of place.

In PSL public art is used to activate spaces throughout our city and enhance our economic success. Thoughtfully implemented public art helps to define Port St. Lucie and our neighborhoods and convey our spirit and competitive advantages to visitors and investors.

How can public art transform a city?

public art sculptureArt in public places provides meaning to our public spaces, reflects the history of our city, adds uniqueness to our neighborhoods, and humanizes our built environment. Public art provides the intersection between our past, present, and future, and also has the power to transform our city because our neighborhoods gain social, economic, and cultural value through public art.

  • Social Value: When people see themselves reflected in their civic spaces, they have a sense of attachment that allows them to feel ownership and respect.
  • Economic Value: Enhancing the identity and character of Port St. Lucie through public art directly supports cultural tourism and economic development strategies, which can attract and retain residents.
  • Cultural Value: Public Art has the power to create uniqueness through the reflection of the local history and culture which gives communities a sense of place and identity.  Public art provides a visual mechanism for understanding other cultures and perspectives, creating social cohesion and encouraging civic engagement. Though the reinforcement of culture, public art acts as a catalyst for unity and social engagement.

What is the timeline for the public art planning process?

  • January - March 2020: Information Gathering and Research, Project Planning
  • March - June 2020: Community Input Gathering
  • June - August 2020: Master Plan Development
  • August - October 2020: Community Review of Recommendations
  • November 2020: Community Presentation of Final Public Art Master Plan