Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How many animals am I allowed to have?

    You are allowed to have a maximum of five (5) domestic pets to include dogs, cats and a pot bellied pig.
  • Do I have to register/license my animal?

    Yes, all dogs and cats over the age of six (6) months old must be licensed within 30 days of you acquiring the animal and/or establishing residency within the City.
  • Am I allowed to have horses or other livestock?

    No, Horses and livestock are defined as farm animals per PSL Ordinance and are only permitted in areas zoned as agricultural districts.
  • I am a part-time resident, does my animal have to be registered/licensed?

    If you reside within the City of Port St. Lucie for six (6) months or more, you are required to obtain a license for your animals.
  • Am I allowed to have exotic animals?

    Yes, FWC permit is required.
  • How can I reach Animal Control?

    For general questions or concerns, you may reach the Animal Control office at (772) 871-5042 during our normal office hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Animal Control Officers may also be requested by dialing 911.
  • I need an Animal Control Officer immediately, what number should I call?

    If you need immediate assistance, you should dial 911 to request an Animal Control Officer.
  • Am I allowed to have an outdoor cat?

    No, cats are only permitted to be outdoors if they are leashed, crated or otherwise contained.
  • Do I need to have both a city and county license for my pet?

    No. All cats and dogs over (6) months old must be licensed with the City within 30 days of acquiring the animal and/or establishing residency within the City of Port St. Lucie. A county license is not required.
  • Why are Animal Control Officers allowed on my property without my permission?

    Animal Control Officers are empowered to enter onto private property and demand animals and/or tags to be displayed. The Animal Control Officer may also enter into a fenced enclosure for the purposes of, but not limited to, apprehending a rabid animal, assisting an animal at large, assisting an animal in need of medical attention, cruelty investigations, or vicious animals not properly contained. In these situations, the Animal Control Officers are granted immunity from prosecution for a reasonable good faith trespass on private property.
  • Am I allowed to breed animals?

    There are no breeder regulations in the city. Breeders must follow guidelines set forth by Florida state Statutes.
  • Will Animal Control remove pest or critters from inside my home?

    No, Animal Control is unable to assist in the removal of bees, rats, bats and other like species. You must contact a pest control company or wildlife removal company to obtain these services.
  • Animal Control picked up my pet, how can I get it back?

    All non-injured pets that are picked up by Animal Control are brought to the Animal Control Impound facility located at 1133 SW South Macedo Blvd. You may reach us at (772) 871-5042 to see if your animal has been impounded.
  • Am I allowed to have chickens?

    Chickens are defined as farm animals, see #3 for reference.
  • Does the City have a lifetime registration?

    Yes, see our Pet Licensing tab.
  • Are there any dog parks in the City?

    Yes, there is one public dog park within the City:
    Lyngate Park; 1301 SE Lyngate Dr Port St. Lucie, FL 34952 (772) 335-2384.
  • Can I bring my dog to the beach?

    No, there are not any dog friendly beaches within the City. The closest dog friendly beach is Walton Rocks Beach located at 6700 S Ocean Dr., Jensen Beach, FL 34957.