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Illicit Discharges

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What is Allowed in the Stormwater Systems?

  • A/C Condensation
  • De-Chlorinated Pool Water (<1ppm)
  • Discharge from Potable Water Sources
  • Diverted Stream Flows
  • Flow from Wetlands
  • Individual Resident Car Washing
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Lawn Watering
  • Residential Building Wash Water (Without Detergents)
  • Rising Ground Waters
  • Street Wash Water
  • Uncontaminated Ground Water
  • Water Line Flushing

What is Not Allowed in the Stormwater System?

  • Auto/household Chemicals
  • Commercial Car Wash Water
  • Improperly Disposed of Oil
  • Industrial Discharges
  • Laundry Wastewater
  • Leaves
  • Litter
  • Paint
  • Pet Waste
  • Radiator Flush Water
  • Roadway Accident Spills
  • Sand/Sediment
  • Sanitary Wastewater
  • Septic Tank Effluent