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Public Works Projects

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List of Public Works Projects

Project Name Objective
10-Year Repaving Master Plan Develop, fund, and implement a Citywide Repaving Plan designed to improve the quality of Port St. Lucie streets in a fiscally responsible manner with consideration for both short and long-term needs.
Crosstown Parkway Extension Project The Crosstown Parkway Extension Project will provide a new bridge crossing over the North Fork of the St. Lucie River in the City of Port St. Lucie, connecting the existing Crosstown Parkway from Manth Lane to U.S. 1. 
Floresta Corridor Master Plan Improvements to the Floresta Drive corridor are a priority for the City Council, and at the 2017 Summer Retreat, Council directed staff to model the corridor from a traffic standpoint for both a 2-lane and 4-lane roadway section.
Sidewalk Master Plan The purpose of the plan is to look at sidewalks strategically and to have a road map for connecting sidewalks throughout the City, thereby fulfilling the City’s strategic goals to be safe and have vibrant neighborhoods. 
E-3 Canal Stabilization
Phase 1 & 2

The banks of the E-3 Canal are failing, the project will install piping in the existing canal. The canal will then be filled to the elevation of surrounding properties, eliminating all canal banks and failures.