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Public Works FAQs

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  • What does my Stormwater Fee pay for?

  • What number do I call if my driveway culvert is rusting out and causing my concrete to crack?

  • Which department do I call if the cross street culvert is blocked, crushed or blocking the flow of stormwater?

  • Who do I call if the ditch in front of my house (swale) is holding water and not draining?

  • What are organic fertilizers? Are they a better choice?

  • What is the function of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium?

  • What would over-fertilization mean for my yard and water quality?

  • If I decide to use fertilizer, how can I use it without harming our water?

  • Why is using a slow-release fertilizer better than a regular (fast-release) form?

  • When is the best time to fertilize?

  • If the Fertilizer Ordinance says I cannot use fertilizer, why are the stores still selling it?

  • Does the Fertilizer Ordinance affect potted plants?

  • Can I ask my landscaper what kind of fertilizer they use on my lawn?

  • How do I know if my fertilizer is 50% slow release nitrogen?

  • How do I know which fertilizer to use at what time of the year?

  • Is my grass going to turn brown without regular fertilizer application?

  • I have reclaimed water. Should I use fertilizer?

  • Can I be fined if I use fertilizer that is not allowed?

  • Why is there a blackout period?

  • Why is the Fertilizer Ordinance only for nitrogen & phosphorous and not all fertilizers?

  • How do I report street light trouble?

  • The newly installed street light shines directly into my window. What can be done to redirect the light?

  • The street light was not placed where it was shown on the map. Why not?

  • To install a new street light, who is responsible to trim or remove trees?

  • What if the power poles are located at rear of my property?

  • Who decides the placement of the street lights?

  • There are 20 lots on my street, does that mean I need 11 yes votes to win a street light election?

  • Do owners of vacant properties get to vote on streetlights?

  • Can anyone request street lights?

  • If I don't want to adopt a street how can I help?

  • Where can I pick up an Adopt-a-Street application?

  • Is there a cost to participate in the Adopt-a-Street program?

  • What do I do with the trash/litter picked up?

  • How often will I be required to clean the street that I'm considering for adoption?

  • How do I find out what streets are available for adoption?

  • What is required to qualify an adopted street?

  • If I notice any illicit discharges into the St. Lucie River or into the City's drainage system (canals, lakes, ditches), is there a number I can call to report it?

  • What is a SWPPP, and do I need this when I submit plans?

  • What is an NOI and where can I get it?

  • What does NPDES stand for?

  • What requirements are necessary to get a bond on a residential property?

  • The side lot swales are too deep and cannot maintain the 3:1 slope off of the house. What can I do?

  • I am having drainage issues on my property. Who do I call?

  • I would like to modify my driveway. Do I need to submit to the Public Works Department?

  • I am a contractor and would like to get a courtesy inspection. How can I do this?

  • I noticed that the inspectors came out and did the residential driveway stakeout. Where do I get stakeout information?

  • I found a rejection slip at my job site today. If I pay the fee before 2:45 p.m., can I get it reinspected the next day?

  • I have a Residential Engineering inspection scheduled. How can I find out the results?

  • Am I able to schedule residential inspections online?

  • After I submit my residential plot plan, will the driveway culvert stakeout be scheduled automatically?

  • How soon can I come back to pick up the Residential plot plan I dropped off?

  • What payment types do you accept?

  • Do I need to submit a residential permit for all areas in Port St. Lucie?

  • What department do I go to begin the process for a residential permit?

  • Is single stream recycling successful in other cities?

  • How are the carts picked up and emptied?

  • How do I dispose of electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, laptops, etc.?

  • What do I do with hazardous waste?

  • How do I know what I can put in the new cart for recycling?

  • How do I place the cart at the curb?

  • I don't have space for this cart, where am I supposed to store it?

  • What do I do with my old bins?

  • What are my service days?