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Traffic Calming Policy

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Neighborhood Traffic Calming PolicyExample of Traffic Calming - Roundabout

The City of Port St. Lucie is committed to ensure the overall safety and livability of residential neighborhoods. One way to meet this commitment is through a collaboration of city staff and property owners in an effort to minimize the impact of traffic on neighborhoods.

The City of Port St. Lucie Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy and Guidelines provides a process for identifying and addressing problems related to speeding, excessive volumes and safety on neighborhood streets. The policy will provide a procedure to consider, evaluate and implement requests for traffic calming measures within the City of Port St. Lucie.

To develop the draft Traffic Calming Policy, staff researched and gathered adopted Traffic Calming Policies from similar municipalities throughout Florida and the United States and incorporated their adopted guidelines and thresholds as a starting point. After the draft was complete, a public involvement workshop was conducted by staff to solicit comments and concerns on the proposed policy. In addition, the draft Policy was made available on the city’s website and a dedicated email address was established to allow residents to comment on the Policy if they were unable to attend the workshop. After a six-month review period, comments were reviewed and incorporated (as applicable) into the Final Policy.

Below are a list of streets where traffic calming measures have been implemented:

  • Abingdon Ave – Cain St to Savona Blvd
  • Bayshore Blvd at Selvitz Rd
  • California Blvd at Country Club DrExample of Traffic Calming - Speed Table
  • California Blvd at Peacock Blvd
  • California at Torino
  • Calmar Ave – Hallmark St to Daemon St
  • Carter Ave – Airoso Blvd to Bayshore Blvd
  • Cashmere Blvd at Peacock Blvd
  • Cashmere at Torino
  • Chapman Ave – Wayne St to Trenton Ln
  • Community Blvd at Rowley Way
  • Community Blvd at Tradition Pkwy
  • Daemon St – Falmouth Ave to Gadsen Ave
  • Daemon St – Hackensack Ave to Jacksonville Ave
  • Dalton Ave – Port St. Lucie Blvd to Savona Blvd
  • Earnest St – Hackensack to Jacksonville Ave
  • Edinburgh Dr – Hallmark St to Daemon St
  • Hallmark St – Calmar Ave to Edinburgh Dr
  • Savona Blvd at Abingdon Ave
  • Southbend Blvd at Oakridge Dr/Floresta Dr
  • Tradition Pkwy at Stoney Creek Way
  • Trenton Ln – Crescent Ave to Chandler Ter
  • Tulip Blvd at College Park Rd
  • University Blvd at California Blvd
  • Village Pkwy at Westcliffe Ln
  • Westcliffe Ln at Community Blvd
  • Westcliffe Ln at Tremonte Ave
  • Westmoreland Blvd – Cambridge Dr to Bakersfield St

To initiate a request for traffic calming, a resident, private developer, or City staff can submit a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Request Form and Petition via email to
or by mail:

Public Works Department
Attn: Traffic Calming Request
121 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34984

For questions, please call the Public Works Department Traffic Operations Division at 772-344-4360.