Southport Unit 5 Vacuum System

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Project Details

Port St. Lucie Utility Systems will be upgrading the wastewater collection system that serves the Southport Unit 5 Area. The upgrade work includes the construction of a vacuum-based collection system and a vacuum pumping station. 

The vacuum station will be located on the east side of Sidonia St., just south of Grapeland Ave. It is currently under design by Giffels-Webster Engineers, Inc. The station's exterior will blend in with the neighborhood, as it is designed to look like a Key West-style home.

Construction is expected to be complete in February 2020.

Current System Issues

The current gravity sewer wastewater collection system is failing. The existing infrastructure is not suited for multiple-home scenarios. It is prone to clogs and backups which result in service calls and costly repairs. 

New System

A public information meeting about the new vacuum system was held at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center on February 15, 2018. The presentation described in detail the history of the current infrastructure, the reasons why it needs rehabilitation, and the many benefits the new system will provide for Southport Unit 5.

Project Contact

Utility Systems is dedicated to protecting the environmental health and safety of this community and the upgrades will be a tremendous benefit to the services provided to this neighborhood.

For more information about this project, contact Project Manager Richard Shoenborn at (772) 873-6485 or