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The Port District

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Riverwalk Boardwalk Extension & Future Riverfront Park

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Riverwalk Boardwalk
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The North Fork of the St. Lucie River runs through the heart of Port St. Lucie and is an essential part of the City’s history. It gives us that special element that sets us apart from other large Florida cities as residents can still look at the North Fork and be inspired by its natural beauty, unencumbered by overdevelopment. At the same time, our residents and business owners also rely on it for their economic livelihood and recreation. The City of Port St. Lucie has long recognized the value of the North Fork and, for years, area residents, business owners and visitors have expressed their desire for more ways to be able to enjoy it. The City was challenged with finding these new opportunities, while ensuring these plans fit in with the natural environment and the City’s character.

The process started more than two decades ago when the City began to develop the Riverwalk Boardwalk project along the North Fork to promote the waterfront area and to enhance the public’s access to the river. Beginning in the 2000s, the City added approximately 2,000 linear feet of boardwalk along the river, north of Port St. Lucie Boulevard, to provide public access to the river from both Veteran’s Park at Rivergate and Tom Hooper Park. At that time, the City also began exploring the idea of giving residents and visitors even more opportunities for entertainment and recreation along the river. In March 2015, and with assistance from the American Institute of Architects (Treasure Coast Chapter), the City held a charrette at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens to solicit public input on the development of the park and boardwalk. Over 100 people attended the charrette and, based on the input received from the attendees, the architects provided the City with a conceptual master plan that was approved by the City Council in November 2015 as a guide for the development of the 9.75 acre Westmoreland Middle Tract future park site. Design elements include a historic village, open pavilions, children’s playground, open event space and the southern extension of the Riverwalk Boardwalk. The approved conceptual master plan also includes approximately .70 acres of leasable restaurant space for a private entity.

Please see the Project Timeline below for a detailed history of the milestones related to the improvements at this site.

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