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Neighborhood Services

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Mission Statement

Improving neighborhood appearance, sustainability and vibrancy through citizen education, engagement and action.

Strategic Planning Links

Neighborhood Services supports the City Council’s Strategic Planning Mission to provide “Exceptional Municipal Services that are Responsive to the Community and to plan for Smart and Balanced Growth while acting in a Financially Responsible Manner.” We also support the City’s Strategic Plan Vision 2030 that offers “great neighborhoods.”

Neighborhood Services Organizational Chart

Departmental Functions

To better serve the community, the city focuses services on individual residents and on neighborhoods to identify and correct specific issues and problems. The Neighborhood Services Department is responsible for many issues that affect individuals and their homes, neighborhoods, and the larger community in Port St. Lucie. There are three divisions within the department, each with differing responsibilities.

Neighborhood Planning Division

The Neighborhood Planning Division is a new city initiative to establish neighborhood identities and to gather citizen input and ideas on how to define and enhance their neighborhoods. The Division also administers Housing and Social Services Programs. These programs provide opportunities for housing and community development improvements and promote beautification of the neighborhood that ranges from individual homes to street improvements that protect and preserve the environment. The division also supports neighborhood groups, helping to create neighborhood plans, address neighborhood issues, create and foster neighborhood organizations, and serving as a liaison between citizens and city departments.

Code Compliance Division

The Code Compliance Division identifies code issues and, through education and enforcement helps to correct those issues and provide a better quality of life for all citizens of Port St. Lucie. The Nuisance Abatement staff work “behind the scenes” with property owners and other city departments in an attempt to first gain voluntary compliance with properties that have been deemed a “nuisance.” If voluntary compliance is not met, then staff utilizes various statutes to remedy the nuisance. Additionally, the Solid Waste staff manage the contract between the City and Waste Pro, the company that hauls all household garbage, recyclables, yard clippings, etc.