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Guide for Temporary Signs

In response to the United States Supreme Court decision, Reed v. Town of Gilbert, the City amended its temporary sign code regulations on Sept 10, 2018 to provide uniform sign criteria which regulate the size, height and placement of temporary signs within the City. Temporary signs placed on City owned or maintained property, swales, road right of way, etc. may beremoved. Typical temporary signs include: garage sales, open houses, sports teams sign ups and promotional signs.

Here's what you need to know

Do Don't
  • Obtain permission of the property owner to place temporary signs on private property.
  • On commercial property, set the sign back at least 10 feet from the property line.
  • On residential property, set the sign back at least 3 feet from the property line.
  • Utilize the City's online garage sale and open house maps instead of using temporary signage.
  • Do not place temporary signs in the swale, road right-of-way and on public property. The swale is a shallow channel with sloping sides designed for water run off.
  • Do not attach temporary signs to poles or street lights.
  • Do not use display lighting.

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