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Drainage, Roadway, Mowing & Landscape Maintenance

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Drainage Maintenance

Drainage Maintenance

The Drainage Division is the largest division in the Public Works Department. Employees in the division are responsible for maintaining 1,200 miles of swale drainage (tertiary system), 158 miles of drainage rights-of-way (secondary system) and 200 miles of waterways and City-owned canals (primary system).

Other duties include installing side lot ditch piping and street culverts, eliminating cross-street paved swales and overseeing a contractor that performs many of the same drainage functions as those performed by employees of the division.

Every year, this division completes approximately 30,000 lineal feet of swale work, installs 100 culverts (thereby eliminating cross-street paved swales), and 20 side-lot ditches.

Roadway Maintenance

Streets Base Re-construction

Roadways are maintained by the Public Works Streets Division. The chief responsibilities of the Streets Division are:

  • Street paving
  • Pothole repairing
  • Street sweeping
  • Catch basin/baffle box cleaning
  • Edge of pavement work

The division maintains more than 912.5 miles of City-owned streets. In 1992, the responsibility for paving and reconstructing our city's road system was also assigned to this division. Since that time, hundreds of miles of roads have received pavement overlays.

Other areas of maintenance responsibilities include street sweeping, applying micro surfacing to curb and gutter areas. The division uses a pavement management system to evaluate street conditions and determine a paving schedule. A five-year road maintenance program has been developed and is updated each year.

A catch basin cleaning program has also been implemented. This drainage system is targeted at those streets with curb and gutter inlets.

Mowing & Landscape Maintenance

Mowing Landscape Maintenance

The Environmental Services Division is charged with mowing and maintaining all road right-of-way canals within the city, all drainage
rights-of-way and many special areas requiring this type of maintenance.

The 52 miles of canals are the primary system and the 158 miles of drainage right-of-way are the secondary system.

This division also maintains three pump stations that help alleviate
drainage issues and flooding in the City.

Here's a snapshot of work performed by this division:

  • 912 swale liner miles installed and being maintained
  • 775 acres of improved right-of-ways and medians maintained
  • 1,075 acres of DROWS mowed
  • 1,464 acres of greenbelts mowed
  • 1,227 acres of right of ways mowed
  • 424 acres of drainage right-of-ways selectively treated/herbicide
  • 1,040 acres of lakes and waterways selectively treated/herbicide
  • 500 acres of wetlands and (STA) selectively treated/herbicide
  • 185 water control structures serviced
  • Remotely monitor/operate 9 automated WCS citywide
  • 30 bridges maintained/serviced
  • 37 independent commercial irrigation systems serviced MONTHLY
  • Remotely monitor 1,061 zones of irrigation citywide
  • Three stormwater pumping stations serviced annually/Dive Inspection plus engine serviced quarterly
  • Fertilize/IPM 730 acres of improved medians/ROWS monthly 
  • Keep up-to-date GPS inventory of over 25,000 trees and plants citywide
  • Trim up to 15,000 trees annually as needed
  • Remove hazardous or encroaching trees onto resident's property as requested
  • Operate full time water truck to attend to non-irrigated medians citywide
  • Install 6,000 CY of mulch citywide annually
  • 293 miles of curb spray