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Request for Street Lights

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Street LightInoperable or malfunctioning street light

To report a street light out or malfunctioning, go to FPL's Lighting Trouble Report Web page.

How do I request a personal security light on my property?

On public residential streets in the City of Port St. Lucie, it is possible to request a personal outdoor light on your property by contacting Florida Power & Light (FPL) and making arrangements to have a light fixture installed on a wooden pole near the end of your driveway.  The cost for the personal outdoor light is placed on your monthly FPL bill.  Please contact FPL at (772) 462-0555 to make your request and to obtain the current monthly rate.

If you opt to request an outdoor light from FPL and in the future your Street Lighting Boundary Assessment Area passes a ballot election for street lighting, you have the option of discontinuing the outdoor light service with FPL. The decision is up to you whether or not you would like to continue the outdoor light service with FPL. If you decide to keep the FPL outdoor light you will continue to pay the monthly fee along with the yearly assessment fee if your area passes by ballot for street lighting.

How do I request residential street lighting on my street?

The City Clerk’s Office receives and processes requests for residential street lighting boundary areas per City Code Chapter 161. The annual fee for street lighting is placed on the property owner’s tax bill and the Clerk’s Office works on a yearly cycle to match the mailing of the tax bills.  The annual City Council approved rate for the 2019 tax bill is $26.

To pursue the installation of street lights on a public residential street in the City of Port St. Lucie to create a Street Lighting Boundary Area the owner of a property on the street must submit a Request for Streetlights Form online, or one can be provided to you in a variety of ways by contacting the Clerk’s Office at (772) 871-5157.

Requests must be completed by the property owner on record. Property owners are verified by the listing on the current Property Appraiser Web page. Once ownership is verified, a proposed lighting placement map is created by the City’s Public Works Department. The Public Works Department indicates the proposed streetlights along the roadways, using as even a spacing as possible to provide equal benefit, usually every four lots, while utilizing existing poles with transformers to minimize costs.

The property owner requesting the creation of a street lighting boundary area will be provided with a preliminary light placement map, property owner information, explanation letter, additional request forms, and a petition. It is required that a requester obtain signatures of 25% of the effected property owners prior to the residential street lighting boundary assessment area moving forward to the election ballot process.

Petitions must be received by the Clerk’s Office prior to February 1st to allow for the verifying of signatures, and the balloting process. Ballots are sent to all the property owners of record within the designated assessment area to give them the opportunity to vote "Yes," in favor of street lighting or "No," against street lighting on their street. Only the ballots returned are counted and a final vote of 50% plus 1 is needed to pass.  A tie vote fails.

All successful elections are presented in the form of a resolution to the City Council. The successful residential street lighting areas are then sent to the St. Lucie County Tax Collector for placement on the November tax roll/bill. The street lights are installed during the months of October through December by Florida Power & Light.

The City of Port St. Lucie is merely the conduit that connects you, the property owner, with Florida Power & Light. The electricity for the streetlight assessment area is paid for by each property owner within the assessment area. It is a yearly fee placed on your tax bill; the assessment fee for the current tax year is $26. If your residential street lighting assessment area is approved by ballot, this fee will be included on the tax bill for everyone within the area.

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: Can anyone request street lights?
    • Answer: No, only the property owner of record can request street lights for that street.
  • Question: Do owners of vacant or undeveloped properties get to vote?
    • Answer: Yes, all property owners are mailed a ballot to cast their vote.
  • Question: There are 20 lots on my street, does that mean I need 11 yes votes to win?
    • Answer: Not necessarily. The election results are counted based on the number of ballots returned. If only 12 ballots are returned, 7 in favor and 5 against, the election is successful. If 12 ballots are returned, 6 in favor and 6 against, the election fails.
  • Question: Who decides the placement of the lights?
    • Answer: The city’s Public Works Department proposes the lighting layout map using as even a spacing as possible to provide equal benefit, usually every four lots, using existing poles, transformers & outdoor lights where possible. Florida Power & Light has the final say when they begin installation.
  • Question: What if the power poles are located at rear of my property?
    • Answer: A new pole must be installed at the front of the property along the road to allow for the streetlight to be installed. The power supply will be taken from the back of the property to the front. Normally FPL will run wires in between two lots/properties in order to accomplish this.
  • Question: Who is responsible to trim or remove trees?
    • Answer: If there are trees needing to be trimmed to facilitate the installation of the new streetlight, FPL will contact the Public Works Department who will then contact a licensed and insured arborist to trim the necessary branches/trees.
  • Question: The street light was not placed where it was shown on the map. Why not?
    • Answer: FPL has final authorization for the placement of the proposed lights. If they determine a different location for the streetlight they will relocate the proposed light. FPL is not required to ask or even advise the city of said relocation. This does not happen often but does happen periodically. FPL always has the final say on light placement.
  • Question: The newly installed light shines directly into my window. What can be done to redirect the light?
    • Answer: The resident can contact FPL and request they come out and block the light from shining into their home. In previous instances, FPL has gone out and either put up a barrier/shield or painted the section of the light shining into the home black so that it still lights up the street but not the home.

Streetlight fixture general information:

  • Open bottom clear fixture
  • 150 Watt bulb
  • +-20ft up
  • 6ft or 8ft arm

Underground electrical service:

  • Periodically a request is received for a street that currently has the electrical service underground. In these instances, the same rules apply except instead of FPL poles, above ground transformer boxes located in the swale area are utilized. Underground electrical service is only utilized when that type of service is already in place.

If you have any other questions or require additional information about street light requests, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.

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